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Joachim Garraud: A Small Step For Europe-Kind, A Giant Leap For The French

The Internet is a many-splendored thing. Ripe with images and assertions both wondrous and life-affirming, it can buoy one’s soul and make the universe seem… possible—even to one whose spirit is coated with a darker-than-black exoskeleton of cynicism decades-that-seem-like-centuries in the making. Oh, sure, the internet had a dark side too, but we won’t discuss […]

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Soft Metals: True Romance And A Drum Machine

Romance and the production of music. Is it chocolate and peanut butter… or crazy glue and a toothbrush? Normally I’m just not interested as to whether bandmates are bringing one another roses, doing the nasty or watching Oprah; however, that Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks met at a ’09 audition and have since put together […]

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A Place To Bury Strangers

I saw A Place to Bury Strangers live, and this was recently. We have done many things together since then in exciting places both foreign and domestic. Places like Vail, Colorado and the Sorbonne. But those are not stories I am willing or being paid enough to talk about here as they deal with high-ranking […]

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Cut Off Your Hands “Hollow” (Frenchkiss)

The New Zealanders we all gathered around the campfire and cried while we got violently drunk with in 2008 (or 2009 if you don’t get album advances) via the single “Happy as Can Be?” The question mark there is mine, the song was not of an interrogative, but of declarative caste. I’m asking if you […]

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Will Farrell To Produce EDM Comedy

Will Farrell To Produce EDM Comedy “I’m In Love With The DJ”

  Will Farrell has green lighted an EDM comedy called I’m in Love With The DJ.  First, let us say this- […]

Megan Sutherland’s Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks – Coachella Edition

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party.” As Part duex of the Coachella desert debacle commences, those who opted […]

Insomniac, Hard To Host LA Stages At Jay Z's Made In America Festival?

Insomniac, Hard To Host LA Stages At Jay Z’s Made In America Festival?

It looks like Jay Z might be an unofficial Electronic Dance Music ambassador. The New York based rapper confirmed earlier […]

24 Year Old Woman Dies From Apparent Drug Overdose At Coachella

24 Year Old Woman Dies From Apparent Drug Overdose At Coachella

The LA Times is reporting that 24 year old Kimchi Truong of Oakland passed away on Thursday due to an apparent drug […]

Is This Patch A New Hangover Cure?

Is This Patch A New Hangover Cure?

First there was a pill,  now there is a patch that might be a hangover cure?  We’re not exactly sure […]

EDM Culture’s Nicky Romero Kicks Of Daylight Las Vegas’ Pool Party Season

Daylight Beach Club officially kicked off pool season with an unforgettable Grand Opening event featuring sets by EDM culture DJs […]