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Los Angeles Prepares to Get Lost…Again. Damian Lazarus and Crosstown Rebels at Exchange

The time is upon us once again for Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, hot off its centennial record release with a companion video featuring the man himself, to descend upon Los Angeles and allow every person who is going to cram into ExchangeLA on Saturday night to lose themselves. It was but a year ago that […]

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Guy Gerber Talks About His “11:11″ Collaboration With P-Diddy…

Guy Gerbert Talks About The 11:11 Collaboration With P-Diddy

Picking up where our Guy Gerber feature left off, here’s a breakdown, in Guy Gerber’s words, about the 11:11 collaboration that came about between he and P-Diddy. On Facebook, I saw someone put the Ten Commandments on how to be a miserable artist. One of the things was like, “try to satisfy your parents.” Another was “make decisions […]

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Sit Down, Get Personal—Magnetic Chats With Techno Legend Guy Gerber

As I was traipsing up the the steep streets north of Hollywood Blvd. near Las Palmas with Guy Gerber’s Fabric 64 mix pumping through my headphones, I was prepping all of the typical ways to crack an artist so that they lose the stilted interview stance and reveal themselves as an actual human being. Just […]

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Artistic Symbiosis: How Deniz Kurtel’s Music And Art Feed Each Other

If you’re looking for equivalency outside the world of underground house music, releasing your first two albums on Crosstown Rebels and Wolf + Lamb (respectively) is on par with being plucked from the streets in the mid-‘90s to release on Death Row and Def Jam for your first two hip-hop records. But the comparisons stop […]

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Manufactured Superstars Are At The Forefront Of The Digital Revolution In EDM

The Manufactured Superstars are amongst the most in-demand DJs on the club and festival circuit these days, and anyone who has known Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo knows that these are dudes who love to throw a great party. As a founding member (Roulier) and original employee (Sabo) of the seminal digital music retailer, Beatport, […]

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Swedish Fish Mafia and the Sneak Attack

We’ve seen the #FoodDJ’s trend blow up (Pësto is still my favorite) and we’ve seen the war of attrition on Twitter between Madonna and deadmau5, but now the two have been combined. Starting on March 27 on his Twitter feed, old-school house legend DJ Sneak got into a Twitter exchange with old-school house legend counterpart […]

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X-Factor Will Ruin Everything…Unless It Doesn’t—Where’s The Drop Bro?!

Last week Simon Cowell, abject ruiner of both musically talented children and their hapless parents’ morals, announced that he would be bringing his X-Factor brand to the world of DJing. UPDATE: Steve Lawler takes the piss (the Hawtin moment is the best), open up wide Cowell… here it comes: Seems like a natural progression here […]

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Chillin With Con Bro Chill

Sometimes when music gets too serious and bogged down with self-importance (talking to YOU Grammy’s), you just need a bunch of guys dressed in highlighter-colored vinyl jackets dancing around in a party bus like joyous idiots. Enter Con Bro Chill. The song “Power Happy” (below) is the single off their first full-length album entitled 3D […]

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Droog: A Pocket Of Resistance Against The Tidal Wave Of Pop Music

This is part two of our Droog feature. If you missed round one you can read it here. How has success affected some of your other friendships/relationships outside the three of you? Brett: Other peoples’ success? Andrei: We hate those people. Brett: We don’t like their success. Andrei: We’re just on the cusp. I think […]

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Will Farrell To Produce EDM Comedy

Will Farrell To Produce EDM Comedy “I’m In Love With The DJ”

  Will Farrell has green lighted an EDM comedy called I’m in Love With The DJ.  First, let us say this- […]

Megan Sutherland’s Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks – Coachella Edition

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party.” As Part duex of the Coachella desert debacle commences, those who opted […]

Insomniac, Hard To Host LA Stages At Jay Z's Made In America Festival?

Insomniac, Hard To Host LA Stages At Jay Z’s Made In America Festival?

It looks like Jay Z might be an unofficial Electronic Dance Music ambassador. The New York based rapper confirmed earlier […]

24 Year Old Woman Dies From Apparent Drug Overdose At Coachella

24 Year Old Woman Dies From Apparent Drug Overdose At Coachella

The LA Times is reporting that 24 year old Kimchi Truong of Oakland passed away on Thursday due to an apparent drug […]

Is This Patch A New Hangover Cure?

Is This Patch A New Hangover Cure?

First there was a pill,  now there is a patch that might be a hangover cure?  We’re not exactly sure […]

EDM Culture’s Nicky Romero Kicks Of Daylight Las Vegas’ Pool Party Season

Daylight Beach Club officially kicked off pool season with an unforgettable Grand Opening event featuring sets by EDM culture DJs […]