EDM Culture: 5 'Breaking Bad' Inspired New Electronic Music Remixes You Need To Know

For those of you that haven’t watched the finale yet, and are reading this, I’m not going to spoil it for you. So please do, continue. For six years, Breaking Bad has left me having more WTF?! Moments than any other TV show that I’ve watched in my twenty-two years of existence- that and Barney and Friends.

Last night, I watched the finale at my buddy’s house, eating popcorn, drinking Earl Grey tea and munching on blue meth (it was actually crushed blue Jolly Rancher). In the midst of all this, I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to the show that has had audiences trying to religiously dodge spoilers on the internet, and provided helpful insight for aspiring meth cooks everywhere- Walter White did have some solid pointers, after all.

So here are top five Breaking Bad inspired new electronic music tracks that you need to know.

1. Nexus- Breaking Bad

A solid vocal sample in this one that builds up to electro-glitch inspired drop with wobbling bass lines.

2. Trentino- Jesse Pinkman (Bitch)

This one is bouncy as fuck!

3.eRowdy- Heisenberg

This is what I imagine would be playing in Walt’s mind, every time he needs to reassure himself of his greatness.

4.Above & Beyond- Walter White (Mat Brux Heisenberg Edit)

This is a neat take, driven with big room piano chords.

5. Tom Neville & Zen Freeman feat. Aaron Paul – Dance Bitch

This one surfaced last week. Tom Neville & Zen Freeman produced this dance floor banger that features the vocals of Emmy award winning actor, Aaron Paul ( Jesse Pinkman).

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