It’s that time of week once again. You’re sitting at your desk wondering how you’ll ever survive until Friday, but don’t fear; I got you covered. Here’s another handful of mixes to keep you groovin’ and satisfied. Filled with only the classiest of recent disco beats and deeper house cuts, I’d say this week’s selection is strongly on point. I think we have some digging to do. Let’s begin!

VanVille “My Vitamins”

This first mix is by a local LA favorite, DJ Max VanVille. Recorded live at the Standard Hotel very recently, this mix is full of deep disco, re-edits, funk, house, and some obscure rarities. What I love most about this set is how relaxed it is, yet each and every selection will make you wonder what the name + artist is. VanVille really knows how to hold your interest while playing mainly lesser-known tracks that are usually vinyl only releases. It’s nice to see some younger LA talent holding it down and keeping it real. Featuring tunes by Carly Simon, Mitzi, Midnight Magic and more.

Tronik Youth “February 2012 Mix”

Next up is the Feb mix by Tronik Youth. This guy really stepped up his game when he introduced his monthly mixes a while back, and they just get better and better. In this month’s mix, Tronik Youth rounds up all of the freshest blog—topping jams and goes through an assortment of forthcoming releases from heavy hitters such as Tiger & Woods, Rory Phillips, Mickey and Goldroom.

Cosmic Kids “Moda Exclusive Mix”

LA is definitely on fire right now with talented groups and artists, and Cosmic Kids are an obvious representation of that. Consistently hitting us with impressive remixes, mixtapes, and original productions, this duo is sure to be one of our city’s finest. This mix includes a couple of their own new remixes alongside tracks from the likes of Suzanne Kraft, Todd Terje, Gary Low, The 2 Bears, and more. As their twitter states, they’ll be blowin’ space dust in your face. I’m afraid if you press play, you won’t be able to sit still for the next hour…you’ve been warned.

Poolside “Night People Mix”

I should have just called this post “local love.” Poolside is another LA duo that needs no introduction. They’ve done a lot of excellent things in a short amount of time, and this “Night People” mix they did for Scion radio is just one of many. They recorded it back in the summer but it didn’t come out until just last week. Of course it has their trademark summertime dance party feel, but you have to remember that summer is basically endless around here. Sounds good to me! Look forward to jams by the likes of Mike Simonetti, Penguin Prison, Sylvester, Jeremy Glenn, and many other favorites.

Francis Inferno Orchestra “Adult Disco Mix”

Anything to do with Melbourne’s Francis Inferno Orchestra is an instant favorite, this guy can do no wrong. Whenever you’re craving some classy house and mature deep flow, you can always count on him to provide your fix. His productions always have a unique sound and feel to them, and his selections in this mix are just what you’d expect from his trademark style. The genre tag on the soundcloud player says “real house,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to be spending many hours trying to find most of these tracks, but as long as I have this mix to put on repeat I’ll be happy. Mix includes new and unreleased songs by himself and Benjamin Sun, plus old school gems from 28th Street Crew, Candido and others.

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