“Half and Half mix” by Knightlife
Fresh off the release of his debut full length, Cutters Records’ very own Knightlife has also been killing it in the mixtape field. If you attended any Cut Copy concerts on their latest tour, then you were listening to Knightlife mixes in between bands and during sound check. Anyway, this new “Half and Half” consists of dancing music intended for dancing. So dance! Featuring tunes by Todd Terje, Storm Queen, Knightlife’s own work, and more.

Mix for The Well by Killer Cam

Killer Cam is an LA favorite, known for being able to bring the heat to any dancefloor facing him. Local venue, The Well, seems to be doing a nice mix series on their soundcloud with a variety of hometown heroes, and Cam’s seamless mix is definitely a solid staple. This one is on the deeper side of house vibes, so look out for songs from the likes of Hot Natured, Catz n Dogz, Worthy, Prince Club, and more.

Daft Funk #5 by Pat Lok & Cyclist

I just have to give some love to the guys holding it down up north. Shout out to Pat Lok and Cyclist, two Vancouver producers and DJs that are sure to gain some major attention this year. Did you know they just won DFA’s remix competition for The Rapture’s “How Deep Is Your Love”? These two play a party called “Daft Funk” and of course this mix is a recording of their 5th edition. Featuring disco and house from the past and present, I rather not spoil it for you, it’s really that good. Hit that download button.

“Gin, Storms and Records” by Frames

A young Australian that happens to be really good at music? No surprise here. Frames is a name to watch for in 2012, and this recent “Gin, Storms, and Records” mix has been my driving mix of choice for the last week or so. This one is full of current dancefloor bombs of choice and flows just right. There are tracks from Tornado Wallace, Perseus, Art Department, and Frames’ own remix work. Pour yourself a tall one and put this on, if you’re not dancing after the first 10 minutes then I suggest going to the doctor and getting checked out.

Summer Holiday 2012 mix by Future Classic

By now you should be familiar with Sydney’s label/creative collective Future Classic. These guys have been doing great things over the years and this mix proves even further that they’re always ahead of the curve as deejays too. Their summer holiday mix works well for us in LA since it’s always summer here. This laid-back mix includes jams from Young Edits, Daphni, Marcos Cabral, Lee Jones, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for Future Classic releases this year.

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